About conference

Baltic Nulcear Energy Forum

The aim of the Baltic Nuclear Energy Forum is to establish a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience around innovative solutions in nuclear energy. The conference strives to create new perspectives and develop partnerships, especially in the Baltic Sea region. Nuclear power already plays an important role in our region. Nuclear power plants are a significant component of the energy portfolio of Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, and Poland and Estonia are planning to build them.

Invited guests will discuss their countries’ strategies related to low-emission energy portfolio’s, with or without the use of nuclear power, as well explore options for reducing dependency on fossil fuel imports from Russia, with a long-term orientation toward phasing them out.

The Forum provides a platform for engaging in stimulating debates, insightful sessions, hands-on workshops, and educational study visits, all facilitated by preeminent experts from Poland and the global community.

Participants will delve into the most current trends, emerging technologies, and pressing challenges in this rapidly evolving field. A key element of the event is the opportunity for networking and opportunities for attendees to establish contacts with key & influential industry representatives. Among the topics discussed will be the role of nuclear energy in achieving energy sustainability, advancements in large-scale technologies and small modular nuclear reactors as well as innovation and development within the nuclear energy industry.

Additionally, the forum will tackle crucial issues such as investment financing and the social, environmental, and health implications of nuclear energy.